It is well documented that green roofs contribute greatly to improving health and well-being. Although initially, construction of green roofs may be more expensive than some traditional systems, in the long-term many cost savings are realized. 

Among Geoplast wide range of Green Solutions Drainroof is particularly suited in Green Roof construction;


  • Drainroof, high-performance green roof drainage board.


  1. Noise reduction, with a decrease of sound levels up to to 10 decibels.

  2. Reduction of the Urban "Heat Island" Effect, by providing a natural insulation to the building.

  3. Improved air quality, as photosynthesis allows trapping particulate matter and capturing gases.

  4. Savings, thanks to buildings' thermal insulation which helps the decrease of power demand.

  5. Reduction of storm water runoff, which is a major source of flooding and pollution worldwide. 

  6. Well-being, as buildings that feature and promote access to vegetation, have been documented as having a greater positive human health impact than those without.

  7. Increased Biodiversity while sustaining a variety of plants, pollinators, and invertebrates, and providing habitat and nesting places for various bird species.

  8. Development of urban agriculture, with the growing of small fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

  9. Aesthetic improvements and agreeable space demarcation.

  10. Roof life expansion, thanks to the roof’s waterproofing membrane protection from external influences, which may lead to serious damages