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Tested Quality ;

(ISO 9001 certified, with third-party QC inspection· Compliance with impact protection standards

EN 1177:2008 and ASTM F 1292:2009 · Compliance with EN 71/3 Safety of Toys /Migration of Certain Elements · Compliance with national equipment safety laws · Compliance with fire and abrasion resistance standards)

EUROFLEX Impact Protection Slabs guarantee the highest safety standard on playgrounds- for the past 40 years. They allow children to romp about happily, without risk of injury. EUROFLEX Impact Protection Slabs offer effective protection when children jump or fall to the ground by attenuating the impact and therefore reducing the risk of injury.

EUROFLEX Impact Protection Slabs are also effective as an elastic floor covering in nursing homes and rehabilitation centres, multi-generation recreation facilities, schoolyards, under gymnastic and climbing equipment and as walkways. Our alphabet, number and theme slabs, as well our new EDPM glitter slab, are ideal for designing playgrounds in schools, kindergartens and day care facilities; they offer educational and visual enhancement for all sports and play areas and amusement parks.

Along with shock-absorbent surfacing for playgrounds, Kraiburg Relastec offers a wide range of safe playground accessories. As playground equipment is available in various heights, Kraiburg offers a wide range of shock-absorbent surfacing slabs for any fall height requirement.

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