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Intrinsic to each other, we take pride in providing premium products and solutions,

which contribute to the improvement of Personal & Environmental Well-being.


IDEAL FIT provides architects, designers, contractors and retailers with premium resilient flooring products along with associated accessories. Solutions include flooring for fitness and weight rooms, outdoor fitness, sport courts, acoustic and vibration insulation, structural and impact sound insulation along with safety surfacing for equine settings.

Green building construction solutions include products for the construction of green walls, green roofs, ground reinforcement, gravel stabilization, permeable paving and storm water management.


We specialize in working with Fitness & Recreation settings such as Fitness Rooms, Fitness Clubs, Sports Training Facilities, Multi-Generation Recreation Facilities, Playgrounds and Outdoor Fitness Areas.




We work with amenities and leisure settings such as Locker Rooms, Patios & Terraces and Parks etc.


Our green building solutions consist of various products which are designed to facilitate the inclusion of environmentally friendly construction practices. These modern, high performance products can be used to construct highly resistant permeable paving, reduce or eliminate storm water runoff and facilitate green roof or green wall construction.



Guided by our guiding principles;

PASSION for what we do and a realization that our work will enhance user experience and well-being.


SINCERITY in what we suggest, always cognizant of our customers best interest.


COMMITMENT to exceeding the expected outcome.


EXCELLENCE in our work ethics and workmanship.


VALUE realized by our commitment to offer professional products and services which are fairly priced.

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