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The typical application of the extensive roof garden is the green roof, which is created with plants that do not require maintenance and irrigation, as the sedum and other similar species. These plants need a limited thickness underlayer: the set is light and can be installed on any existing roof, both plane and inclined. The extensive set is easy to realize and maintain. It absorbs most of the rainfalls, protects the coverage and isolates the building thermally. Keeping a stable temperature, it can improve the yeld of the photovoltaic panels which are generally pulled alongside.



Health Protection - From the sudden temperature changes, from the UV rays and from the atmospheric agents. The coverage lifegrows of the 20%.

Reduced Peak Runn-off  - A roof garden absorbs the 50% of rainwater, lowering the quantitiy to disposeit in the urban sewer.

Micro Climate Regulation -Through the evaporation and evapotranspiration of the absorbed water, in orderto refresh the environment.

Increase of the Photovoltaic Profit - Thanks to the maintenance of a more stable temperature, within the range to obtain an high profit.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation - The green set is used as an insulating layer: in winter it isolates thermally, while in summer it is used as a solar shield.

Increased Commercial Value - The roof garden offers new usable spaces and increases the energy profit of buildings coating.


DRAINROOF is an indispensable aid for the construction of roof gardens. The panels design enables effective management of rainwater accumulation and drainage and can safely withstand high load capacity without the risk of damaging the roof membrane or waterproofing.

H 2.50

Drainroof 2.5.png

H 6.0

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