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For Gym80 “Made in Germany” means commitment to the location of Germany and to the quality that has made them a globally successful manufacturer of fitness, medical and high performance equipment.

1 High-tech craftsmanship, from German steel, from German components. Designed and built by skilled engineers and craftsmen, by lasers and robots, and with passion. Made in Germany.


2 Experience cannot be bought. Experience must be earned, Gym80 has over 30 years, each and every day. This is why Gym80 strongly believes that they make the best equipment.


3 Gym80s' drive is maximising quality, not maximising profit. Therefore, they remain as an independent company. Total accountability and customers viewed as partners.


4 Gym80 equipment is built using 4 mm thick steel tubing. This subtle distinction gives them the highest possible resilience and a lifetime which can safely be described as inhuman.


5 There are requirements that you are not yet aware of. Gym80 has the equipment to meet them. Over 250 devices just for muscle training, covering both fitness and medical. This is unique worldwide.


6 Electronics, mechanics, software, concepts. Everything from one source, even custom-made equipment. Gym80 will build it, if they haven’t already done so.


7 Your business is not off the rack. Gym80 equipment isn’t either. Choose the frame colour and trim, the upholstery type and colour, and embroidery with your logo.


8 Awarded first place at the body LIFE Awards for the twelfth time. Quite simply, owners echo the claim precisely when they say: gym80 makes the best strength training equipment in the industry.


9 75 % of all equipment which has been produced by Gym80 is still in use. Much of it has been in service for over 30 years. And is still going strong.


10 Critical for customer satisfaction: Quick and easy help, one number for direct access. Advice, support, warranty and goodwill settlements.

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